About CDM

Carolina Dance Masters, Inc. is a branch of Dance Masters of America, Inc., a professional, certified membership organization of artists and educators committed to the elevation of the art of dance and to provide innovative artistic experiences for the advancement of dance worldwide.

CDM is a non-profit, membership based organization, comprised of dance educators and their students. The Board of Directors generously donates their valuable time to lead and operate the organization, and many of our members volunteer to guarantee our events’ successes, as well. This is one of the unique components—we are dance educators working collectively and collaboratively in the best interest of the education of our colleagues and our students.

We are devoted to our members; their education, development, and interactions are our greatest passions, and through CDM, we hope to enchance the life of every dancer we encounter. Whether it be through educational opportunities, performing arts competitions, conventions, study sessions, or scholarships, we work year-round to ensure that dancers always have opportunities to learn, love, and grow.

Rich in history, CDM was founded 80 years ago by those who possessed no higher love than for the art of dance and the joy it brought their audience. That passion has been passed down through the decades to each of our members, and our greatest commission is to continue to spread the blissful craft that is dance.

At CDM, we thrive on diversity, understanding that passion reveals itself in innumerable ways, and so we seek to encompass as many of those styles as possible in the educational experiences we offer, whether it be hip-hop, tap, contemporary, jazz, musical theatre, classical ballet, or anything else imaginable.

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