Benefits of Membership

The benefits of a CDM membership are numerous, including opportunities to learn, educate, grow, and aid in others’ their development as a dancer, artist, and educator.

Each year, CDM offers numerous opportunities for members to expand their knowledge in both classical and modern dance styles. With conventions, study sessions, and workshops, CDM members are constantly engaged in a knowledgeable, community-based setting.

In addition to the education component, CDM members are also committed to the highest standards in dance education. We believe in and support an ethical, age appropriate environment for our students and dancers. Members must pass various certification tests and are encouraged to maintain their continuing education.

CDM members pride themselves in being among the most qualified educators in the nation and are thus considered to hold the highest credibility.

CDM also offers many opportunities for educational and monetary scholarships. From members assistance funds to competitive scholarships, members are eligible to receive financial aid based on both need and merit.

Members of CDM are also part of the national organization Dance Masters of America, which offers the most extensive educational opportunities in the nation, instructing members on upcoming trends, nutrition, and injury prevention, among many other subjects.

CDM also makes the most of opportunities to allow students of members to learn more about dance. CDM members are invited to enroll their students in conventions, workshops, and competitions where they are able to connect with their peers and learn from professional dancers. Also, through our Jr. Member program, we encourage students who are interested in eventually becoming members to get a head start on their careers and educations.

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