The Seasons of CDM: Junior Mister Dance of North Carolina

In 1994, the first title for Junior Mister Dance of North Carolina was awarded. This year, we congratulate Ethan Guthrie, student of Lianda Lynk, newest winner of the title.

Our past winners are as follows:


1994: Will Shover

James Shover


1996: Bobby Perera


1998: Brodie Foster

Merle Reese


2000: Blake McCarn

Kathy Baldwin


2002: Brad Kuhns

Michele Lee


2004: Anthony Reese

Merle Reese


2007: Josh Hall

Ed Phelan


2008: Joey Calbreath

Michelle Rogers


2010: Joshua Ruppe

Judith Spivey


2011: Brendan Moran

Michelle Rogers


2012: Win McCain

Michele Lee


2013: Adrian Jones

Lynn Raley


2014: Walter Crowley

Michelle Rogers


2015: Adrian Jones

Lynn Raley


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