The Seasons of CDM: Mister Dance of North Carolina

We want to take a moment to congratulate our newest Mister Dance of North Carolina, Sam Faulkner, student of Michelle Rogers, Alyson Wright, and Amy Santoro. In the spirit of reminiscing, we would also like to highlight the many title holders we have had the privilege of teaching.

Our past winners are as follows:


1984: Hayes Robinson

Becky Wilson


1993: Jay Freeman

Linda Fletcher


1995: Greg Poarch

Ann Freeman


1997: Michael Simmers

Cathy Baldwin


1999: Michael Simmers

Cathy Baldwin


2000: Charlie Adkisson

Ed Phelan


2001: Michael Simmers

Cathy Baldwin


2002: James Wallace IV

Melanie Marcotte


2003: Riley Davey II

Ann Freeman


2004: Josh Justice

Merle Reese


2005: Troy Haywood

Michelle Rogers


2006: Adam Walton

Michelle Rogers


2007: Troy Haywood

Michelle Rogers


2008: Darius Redfern

Judith Spivey


2009: Blaine Mowrer

Lynn Raley


2011: David Ferguson

Angie Henley


2012: Conor McKenzie

Michelle Rogers


2014: Conor McKenzie

Michelle Rogers


2015: Emmanuel Patterson

Rita McIver


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