The Seasons of CDM: Teen Mister Dance of North Carolina

In 1996, our last two categories were added in the Solo Title Scholarship Competition: Teen Miss and Teen Mister Dance. This year, Walter Crowley, student of Michelle Rogers, Alyson Wright, and Amy Santoro, is our Teen Mister Dance of North Carolina.

Our previous winners are as follows:


1999: Robert Perea


2001: Joshua Justice

Merle Reese


2002: Henry Hunt

Mary Beth Henderson


2004: Adam Walton

Michelle Rogers


2005: Darius Redfern

Judith Spivey


2007: Nicholas Patton

Tonia Freeman


2008: Tucker Axhoj

Michelle Rogers


2009: David Ferguson

Angie Henley


2010: Conor McKenzie

Michelle Rogers


2011: Joey Calbreath

Michelle Rogers


2012: Trevor Daw

Chasta Hamilton


2013: Brendan Moran

Michelle Rogers


2014: Sam Faulkner

Jami Masters


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