CDM 2015 Solo Title Finalists

The Carolina Dance Masters 2015 Solo Title Preliminaries were held on Saturday, September 26th, 2015 in Albemarle, NC. Congratulations to the following students for advancing to the Solo Title Finalists Weekend in November in Greensboro, NC! 

Petite Miss

Gracie Herring – Millicent Linens

Sarah Coburn – Lynn Raley

Kameron Draper – Chasta Hamilton Calhoun

Audrey Bucey – Michelle Rogers

Annabelle Jones – Michelle Rogers

Lilly Beam – Debbie Huffman

Paris Ar – Gregor Lee

Leah Nelson – Michelle Rogers

Olivia Ready – Lianda Lynk

Cordelia Kim – Michelle Rogers


Junior Miss

Kameron Overcash – Michelle Rogers

Lyndsey Ledbetter – Millicent Linens

Katherine Brown – Michele Lee

Brooklyn Bess – Jackie Olson

Natalia Scheinson – Michelle Rogers

Island Shuler – Gregor Lee

Evy Blasdel – Jackie Olson

Avery Rash – Michelle Rogers

Claire Brown – Michele Lee

Lacy Croker – Michelle Rogers


Junior Mister

Ethan Guthrie – Lianda Lynk


Teen Miss

Hailey Wrona – Michelle Rogers

Eliana Pakledinaz – Michelle Rogers

Grace Derfler – Lianda Lynk

Calie Wrona – Michelle Rogers

Ashlyn Stanley – Tori Melby

Alexandra Spartz – Michelle Rogers

Haidyn Warren – Millicent Linens

Delaney Medina – Debbie Huffman

Abby Harmon – Michelle Rogers

Mackenna Munavilla – Michelle Rogers


Teen Mister

Wallter Crowley – Michelle Rogers



Maddie Dugan – Jami Masters

Aysia Bradsher – Millicent Linens

Caroline Jones – Michele Lee

Maggie Howe – Jackie Olson

Madison Lengel – Michelle Rogers

Rachel Harris – Melissa McDaniel

Kaitlyn Downs – Millicent Linens

Jenna Smith – Jackie Olson

Brooke Katsoudas – Michelle Rogers

Savannah Sigmon – Jackie Olson



Sam Faulkner – Michelle Rogers

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