The Seasons of CDM: Master Dance of North Carolina

Three categories were added to the Solo Title Scholarship Competition in 1991: Junior Miss, Petite Miss, and Master Dance of North Carolina. Over the years, we have had many talented title holders in this category.

Our past winners are as follows:


1991: Mendel Bell

Angela Derrick


1992: Jason Smith

Tori Melby


1993: Eric Sutphin

Linda Fletcher


1998: Joshua Justice

Merle Reese


2000: William “Bo” Presley

Jami Masters


2001: Anthony Reese

Merle Reese


2003: David Ferguson

Angie Henley


2009: Brendan Moran

Michelle Rogers


2010: Landon Henley

Angie Henley


2011: Adrian Jones

Lynn Raley


2012: Parker Garrison

Chasta Calhoun


2013: Kenton Kelly

Tori Melby


2014: Colin O’Donnell

Tammy Evans


2015: Will Coombs

Chasta Calhoun


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